Kuna mul pole olnud absoluutselt aega Londoni poodlemis-võlusid nautida sellest ajast alates, kui ma siia tagasi tulin, siis on Polyvores käimine next level hard.
... Ja ilmselgelt ei tee ma endal elu ka lihtsamaks seal nillimas käimisega, kui tean et nädalavahetuse veedan raamatukogus..
But you know the rule - "You have to work hard - to play hard!"


/// Since I came back to London I haven't had any time to shop.. 
But to be fair, I do keep an eye on things with an occasional window-shopping and Polyvore-stalk - which by the way doesn't make it any easier..
' if you know that you're gonna be in the library all weekend - rather than taking advantage of your credit card...///

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