This weekend me and my significant other celebrated yet another anniversary with pancake Sunday. 
Which kind a made it easier for my self-conscience to ignore the massive workload that keeps piling up. 
 So I traded sneakers with heels, fur with simple cut pink coat and uniwork with films like "Her" (Which I totes recommend to all of you computer addicts out there.. Quite scary what future will look like, if we continue to communicate through electronic devices.. huhh. Eyeopener for sure! Check it out!)
OH! And I dyed my hair back to platinum blonde!
They are quite damaged now, due to the fact that I've done so many things to them during past 2 weeks, I am happier with blonde. It's more me.
Though, pink was super fun, I wanted it to be a bit lighter shade of pink… But impatient like I am, I couldn't wait that long (til it fades out), so blond I am - again! :)

coat+heels+dress+necklace / knit zara

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  1. Mulle alati meeldivad Sinu postitused. Nendes on seda sära ja noh üleüldse ilus vaadata. :)

    1. Sa ei kujuta ette, kui hea seda kuulda on! Süda Su pihta! x