After being sick for three days - meaning: missing half of the week from my internship - meaning: missing one of my favourite gal's going away party, I decided to have a little cheer up randevú in sunny Camden.

As the weather has been extremely generous to us for the past couple of days we decided to have a little brunch in Camden doing absolutely nothing and getting lost wondering in the crowd and little streets. 
Which BTW are truly two of my favourite things to do in busy London. Just taking time and getting away all of those touristy places.

Like we predicted Camden was super-busy (obvi!!) during brunch time, we took time to stroll around Regent Park and those gigantic white houses nearby Camden, enjoying those little flower shops and Paris-look-a-like cafes with classy forty-something women having their early brunch and occasional cigarette. Which for a second teleported me back in time, when I was in Paris myself. Literally, the cheapest trip to Paris (kind of) for sure.

wearing h&m coat / ray ban eyewear / boots ? / bag balenciaga 

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