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Good Morning errybody... Decided to show a photo shoot that I had a while ago.. just because I haven't shown you any photo shoots that I've done.. since... god knows when?.. So here you have it!
As I have my whole day planned today like - need to visit a graduate exhibition for my next years project etc, then I better get movin! Have a nice weekend minions!
L. x!


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necklace from primark
Well-o-well, kuigi mind ei näe just tihti kirevates-värvilistes-komplektides tänavaid vallutamas, siis viimasel ajal on mulle näppu jäänud hobo-hipi kotid ja tribal kaelakeed, mis on raskelt rauda ja kulinaid täis.
Inspi oma uute vallutuste rakendamiseks, kolasin natuke google.com's, et kaeda kuidas teised neid suuri-statement-kaelakeid ja hilpe välja kannavad ning pean tõdema, et minu must-valge-halli kolme värvi kombo armastus hakkab vaikselt lahjenema, ning soojemate ilmade ajal võtan kindlalt midagi värvilisemat kapist välja. Kuigi kahtlustan juba, et lähen t-särgi teed pidi, kuhu peale viskan (pildil) kaelakee ja jalga midagi ehk ''suvisemat''.. who knows.. hetkel Londoni ilm kipub sammuma rohkem talve poole kui suvepoole siiski.. õõhhhh.... aga igatahes, tsekake kuidas need tsikid endal värve selga mätsivad!

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jumper bf's / skirt h&m / sneakers converse / bag & sunglasses primark


Last week I tried to find the balance between work and blogging, but as it turns out, on your first week at work it is almost as impossible...  That makes me extra thankful for this Bank holiday for shizz..
Anyways, I have taken most of this weekend, although, mostly it has been rainy, I have find little time slops to go outside and play and reboot.
Trying to run and workout everyday, indulge into fresh-fruit counters, watching movies, and just playing tourist around the city. The only true remedy I know, to get back to my old self.

/// Hallway to my new office...
 ///After my first day, bf came to pick me up with little hot-weather treat = icy passionfruit smoothie. Yum
 window-shopping with not so window shopping
 /// Afternoon run
 /// Our super silly tradition to make (banana) pancakes with raspberry jam every Sunday... Literally makes me wait Sunday twice as much!
 /// Touristing around London. Buckingham palace!
 /// Awesome bf kicks
 /// vegetable soup with sesame seeds
 /// Horse Guards Parade
 /// My awesome new "hipi-bag" and surprising Mickey
/// Visiting my favourite park - Queens Park. Note to self - MOVE back to this neighbourhood!


If this doesn't motivate you to drop da chips and cakes, then what will.. 


and the happy camper herself...
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shirt river island, skirt only sunglasses primark shoes converse jacket ?


... the bag you most likely hated in middle school. Well I did. Always strutting down the hall with a handbag like a proper brat.
After few years of growing up, maturing (at least I hope so), I truly come to a realisation that I've missed out SO MUCH.
Due to the fact that I'm known to be the weekend (or weekly?) traveller between mine and my bf's apartment, I live in my bags... Kind a like Carrie and Big? Remember, when Carrie wanted to leave something behind, kind a like a settle in there and leave a mark... Well, though, I am like a mother-goose, trying to have all my sh*t there and with me.. I too, get tired of carrying 3 bags on my shoulders. So, as I am older, and therefore... hkhmm wiser?... I've re-visited the most comfiest bag ever invented - the Backpack. Though, still on the search of the perfect one myself, here are few gals/fellas who did good on choosing theirs... Jelllllllyy
photos from google.com, vogue.com