Back in reality - in London. To be honest my reality kind of "ended" on last Monday, with the last hand-in. And possibly the hardest. My magazine. The last hand-in before 3rd year, a hand-in which basically is a try-out for our 3rd year final project. Can't say that this was my best project ever, it involved a lot of sleepless nights, stressful waiting (whether or not I get my interviews), planning photo shoots - well, getting all my content together and publishing (aka binding), which failed me - BIG TIME. I think I haven't recovered from that yet... So can't say it was the smoothest ride.
All in all, I learned A LOT and I am so thankful for all the people who participated and were so helpful.

Though, the hand-in was on Monday, I truly felt that I was kind of left empty afterwards and needed a little space and time to do nothing. Literally, sleeping the whole day, watching pointless series and not answering any calls or emails or anything, eating junk food in bed the whole day with bf... Generally letting loose after this mind-numbingly stressful year. Though I went away for two weeks to see my family, I didn't get to enjoy it as much as I would have wanted. Everyday first and foremost involved work. Even my vacations wasn't vacations, imagine that?
Definitely a learning curve for the future!
But now I am back in the real world. Back in the blogging world. Back everywhere. Making decisions for the foreseeable future and trying to decide what's my next step.
And although, I was on the run most of my easter break, I still had few days to play...

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 Photo shoot for my magazine. Thankfully I have good talented friends, who are willing to help me out. Can't be more thankful to them. Photo shoot at my country house, best place on earth.
lil'polaroid of mah heart, my model.
 Blueberry cake made by my lovely mum to my photo shoot crew
 What I truly enjoyed was those little warm evening walks around the area with mum. Lovely Suurpea in all of its glory. Cool old Soviet Unions military houses and deserted beaches.
 Happy to be an "auntie" to this little munchkin.
 Thankfully, this year I had the change to celebrate my mums birthday with her (and the whole family) great day, great cake. Lemon-lime cheesecake.
 Aaaaaand visiting my favourite aunt B at her fabulous beach house apartment. Good wine, good food and most of all good company.
 Tatttoooooo! Got my 4th tattoo with my dear H. Wanted it for sooooo long and it was definitely worth the wait!

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