... the bag you most likely hated in middle school. Well I did. Always strutting down the hall with a handbag like a proper brat.
After few years of growing up, maturing (at least I hope so), I truly come to a realisation that I've missed out SO MUCH.
Due to the fact that I'm known to be the weekend (or weekly?) traveller between mine and my bf's apartment, I live in my bags... Kind a like Carrie and Big? Remember, when Carrie wanted to leave something behind, kind a like a settle in there and leave a mark... Well, though, I am like a mother-goose, trying to have all my sh*t there and with me.. I too, get tired of carrying 3 bags on my shoulders. So, as I am older, and therefore... hkhmm wiser?... I've re-visited the most comfiest bag ever invented - the Backpack. Though, still on the search of the perfect one myself, here are few gals/fellas who did good on choosing theirs... Jelllllllyy
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  1. Mul on üsna sarnane lugu. Mäletan, et ma kadestasin vanemaid koolikaaslasi, kes juba käekotiga käisid, aga ema-isa käskisid mul seljakotiga koolis käia. Täielik tragöödia. Aga nüüd käin ma rattaga tööl ja ma juba mõnda aega vaatan netist erinevaid seljakotte.

    1. Sama siin, vanemaks saades kuidagi kõik vanemate soovitused muutuvad õigeks. Mugavus ennekõike :)!