Thou summer itself is SO OVER, it still lasts for me for about 4 days - yes, then hits reality like a big trunk and I am going back to London... Though reality is just a plane ride away, I am still dreaming of those warm summer nights that I spent at my country house in Viinistu. Yes - THE WHOLE summer, I changed my heels into sneaks (to be honest, I've been living in sneaks from the first day I moved to London...) and everyday make-up routine into no make-up routine... And had the best summer ever. The simplicity of living in a village with 50? people who just live the simplest life ever is truly refreshing... No drama, no noise, no nothing.. Just sun, sea and happy people!

Loads of driving around, swimming, eating, festivals and meeting new people. In a way I truly have been the happiest I've ever been! So thanks gals & guys for da best summer!

One of my favourite things about living in the country is that you get everything fresh, all  vegetables and fruits -  fresh from the backyard. And if you are tired of eating them, just make a smoothie. To be honest I truly lived on smoothies the whole summer!
The coolest and possibly the scariest place ever - Hara submarine port.
Visiting an island just few kilometres from Viinistu - Mohni. 
As I didn't spent almost any time in the city besides few half-days and only because my friends whom I spent my last summer together came to visit, we took our Italian-souls to pizzeria to munch out on the best pizza I've had in a while - Boheem.
Viru Folk festival has always been one of my favourites, this year I got to see the other side besides listening concerts - visiting friends who possibly have the nicest house-and view. From the first moment I named it the Wisteria lane a'la Käsmu.
YES. Shortest hair I've ever had...
Viinistu art gallery.. Contains ALL the most famous Estonian painters works! MUST visit!

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