It's been almost impossible to get back on track with my studies. Especially now, as my little Mac suddenly broke down and iPhone doesn't do the trick, when it comes to blogging and studying...
Those magical six weeks that I've spent away at my work placement have been heavenly. I find it almost funny, when every time I go back to the office after a day at uni, my colleagues ask me how does it feel to be back at Uni?
These two worlds seem so far away from each other that it's almost impossible to explain one to other and vice versa.
At university we are almost suffocated with deadlines and stress and mourning faces aren't that uncommon in corridors, meanwhile at work I spend the whole day in middle of beautiful clothes and talented people… you do the math, which you'd prefer?
Though university and my projects and grades are my top priority I still struggle sometimes to find motivation to start with new projects - especially right now.
I know it almost strange to see - as you never see any bloggers complain - everybody is always happy and cheerful. But I have to admit, I am no superwoman. I complain and struggle and sometimes find it hard to stay motivated.
Especially now, as I have to get together a month worth of research for my magazine for Monday.
It's ludicrous, yet with two days and allnighters - achievable.

Don't know how it is for you guys, but getting my motivation back involves my whole body. If I eat crap, read sh*tty literature, watch series that at the end of the day don't give me anything than just take away my time = I find myself more emptier than I started. With mood that almost makes me wanna do nothing at all.
That's why I've made it my top priority this weekend was to get more time for myself, start my day at a reasonable hour with good food & tea (as I am giving my body rest this weekend with detox!) and get my priorities back on track with school.
Though I always try to follow my mothers wise words that "the most important thing is to get up and seize the day! Don't stay in bed and be left behind. Be active and live! Even if it's just a walk in a park!" I sometimes do need to add my own little remedy to the mix.

I've always been a planmaker and setting goals for myself to stay focus and not to get lost in this mix, as this school year is almost over soon (only 5 short weeks til the Easter break!!!), it's almost time for me to set new goals and decide my next steps. I feel like London is truly made me grow up and see everything differently.
Home, everything is easy: family, friends and familiar streets. Here, I almost came as a complete stranger creating myself a new life, with friends and contacts. Trying to get everything in order without having my mum or family/friends around. Right now it almost seems ages away, when I think about it. Yet, I am proud of myself of have overcome all of those obstacles.
With this weekend I've tried to put my thoughts and plans in order to get some clarity. About my project, my future and all of that. And I think in some ways I've succeeded.

This long heart to heart is not my usual jam, but today I felt the urge to get my thoughts straight and write my thoughts that really have been going round and round in my head lately.

Enjoy Saturday & stay motivated my loves, xx