and the happy camper herself...
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shirt river island, skirt only sunglasses primark shoes converse jacket ?


... the bag you most likely hated in middle school. Well I did. Always strutting down the hall with a handbag like a proper brat.
After few years of growing up, maturing (at least I hope so), I truly come to a realisation that I've missed out SO MUCH.
Due to the fact that I'm known to be the weekend (or weekly?) traveller between mine and my bf's apartment, I live in my bags... Kind a like Carrie and Big? Remember, when Carrie wanted to leave something behind, kind a like a settle in there and leave a mark... Well, though, I am like a mother-goose, trying to have all my sh*t there and with me.. I too, get tired of carrying 3 bags on my shoulders. So, as I am older, and therefore... hkhmm wiser?... I've re-visited the most comfiest bag ever invented - the Backpack. Though, still on the search of the perfect one myself, here are few gals/fellas who did good on choosing theirs... Jelllllllyy
photos from google.com, vogue.com