Thou summer itself is SO OVER, it still lasts for me for about 4 days - yes, then hits reality like a big trunk and I am going back to London... Though reality is just a plane ride away, I am still dreaming of those warm summer nights that I spent at my country house in Viinistu. Yes - THE WHOLE summer, I changed my heels into sneaks (to be honest, I've been living in sneaks from the first day I moved to London...) and everyday make-up routine into no make-up routine... And had the best summer ever. The simplicity of living in a village with 50? people who just live the simplest life ever is truly refreshing... No drama, no noise, no nothing.. Just sun, sea and happy people!

Loads of driving around, swimming, eating, festivals and meeting new people. In a way I truly have been the happiest I've ever been! So thanks gals & guys for da best summer!


Kuigi pärast niiii pikka suvepuhkust mille ma bossilt endale kauplesin, või noh ise välja kirjutasin, oleks ilus ka mingisugune tõestus või muu säärane ilmutis enesest lagedale tuua, siis ei. Kuna käib/lõppeb FW ja sealne crew ja crowd on värvikas, lükkan teile hoopis inspi!
Aga see eest mega suur insta/mitte-insta pildi postitus, on tuuuleeeemaaaas!

stay tuned my loves xx