/// Yesterday, as I was finishing a documentary that I happened to watch on ETV2 about Christian Louboutin and his red soles, my bf send me a link to this video. Well, his not usually not that into fashion (only if its regarding his own appearance), but even he gives a thumbs up to this documentary.
 Few seasons ago everybody remembered a band that was weird enough to show at the Rick Owens mens show at Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014. Well, now we have a documentary to prove it! Definitely a fun 52 minutes that you should spare and take a tour into the world of Rick Owens and Winny Puhh and see what the fuzz was about! PS! It has english subtitles - so all you english babes will understand everything! ///

and the real show:

and the woman behind Rick Owens, Michel Lamy!