Blablabla… Jaa, juba ükskord rääkisin teile oma ultimate-crushist Blanca Miro, aga rubriik ‘’khuulid crushid’’ on tagasi. Ja ma olen tagasi viimaseaja viie avastusega. Ja jah! Kui te arvate, et mind painab konditsioon nimega ‘’lobapidamatus’’, siis tõsi. Sest, kui mul on midagi head öelda, siis ma ikka üritan seda öelda ka. Omamoodi, loomulikult.


/// Blablablaa…. yes I know I have already told you about my ultimate crush Blanca Miro, yet the column ‘’cool crushes’’ is back. And I am back with  5 recent ones. And YES! If you are thinking if I suffer from condition ‘’I can talk your ear off’’, true. I always try to say something if there’s something good to say. Obviously, on my own way.

1. Natasha Ndlovu

Absolute fave girl. Literally get chills every time I see her outfits, girl just rocks cool custom-made bomber jackets, hats, jeans you name it. Although, I don't want to eat my words (yet I almost every time do) when I come out with some da-bomb-statements.... her closet is the one I'd like to raid if I had a chance, soz Bianca. BTW, I know Instagram is an easy thing to follow and be updated with posts, but don't forget to check out her blog as well - remember there's a lot more than on Instagram - www.bisousnatasha.com

2. thepetticoat

Obvious statement would be, that this girl has style. Obvy.
Fact is, she partnered up with a magnificent photography to but it all on a photo. Her page is one of many that I visit when I am in a creative rut. Oh and again, don't forget to visit their creative homepage - www.thepetticoat.net - the page I was talking about (insert wink emoji!).

3. angelicahicks

I was doing my routine Facebook scrolling, when I stumbled up on Hypebeast? or was it something else... well, it doesn't really matter, what matters is, I can introduce you to an instagram page that will haunt you for the rest of your life - cos its awesome. And after that you feel that you are not. Kidding, I haven't felt any strong side effects yet, though I still feel bit of uncoolness (yes, I know that is not even a word!) has crawled up on me...

 4. thatschic

First of all, I think we all can thank one of my readers Inga!!! for recommending her. Literally been obsessing about her vlogs.. since I first saw them. Oh, and to reveal you why I finally pulled myself together to put together a decent video of my trip to NY? HER! I was so hooked, when I saw her 31dayswiththatschic vlog (means, she uploads videos-vlogs everyday for 31 days straight!) and I just thought - F it! And got a little inspired and it all came together! FYI! Her instagram & snapchat are da bomb, and I warn you if you ever decide to listen to her music recommendations - just book a day off in advance, it is addictive. Again, THANK YOU Inga!

5. patriciamanfield

Once on a blue moon, when I do my Instagram stalk (hkhhmmm, don't we all do them?), I stumble upon something great! Last but not least - Patricia Manfield - little girl who was born in not so far  away - Moscow (btw, now sounds and looks more like a Spanish girl? - make sure you follow her snapchat), she's a perfect combo of casual chic. She has a fancy law degree to company her creativeness, literally the package everyone in a creative field should have. I wouldn't say, you should envy her, yet her instagram is pretty much doing it for me!

all images are taken from the users above