5 X CRUSH (pt.2)

Hello-hey my loves! Todays post is all in english - as I thought it would be easier for everyone if everything 
is all together and easy to scroll. I try not to use the phrase ultimate favourite too much, yet I still feel that I’ve been throwing it around quite much… Or maybe i’ve just been pumping into people who are just that cool?! 
Like at the moment, I can’t decide if Lizzy reminds me of Alicia Vikander (aka girl crush x 100000000) and that’s why I like her - or Alicia Vikander reminds me her and that’s why I like Alicia. Either way, this girl is da bomb! Literally can spot her wearing whatever she feels and why shouldn’t she. She looks fab! 

1. Lizzy vd Ligt

2. Marlot Willems

Marlot Willems is absolutely gorgeous blogger from Amsterdam who I discovered a few days ago while browsing through what others have been liking - and she rocks my feed ever since. Her style is a bit more easy going than Lizzy yet I totally feel her 60’s Edie Sedgwick coming through her Instagram pics. 
FYI how awesome is her haircut ;) :D !

3. Josefine H. J

Josefine probably the most known girl in this bunch her big blue eyes and skinny frame almost brings back Kate Moss and Pete Dorothy romance vibes 2006. Yet she rocks that supermodel style so good, that every picture she posts almost melts you (she travels A LOT!) while you sit at your desk at work.

4. Courtney Trop

Her style is so eclectic - she can put on fish stockings and shorts and a white Gucci T and rock that outfit till day turns to dawn while not looking trampy, she can put on proper velvet gown, dye her hair pink and just rock the day. Also she is SO funny! Her Insta videos are literally highlight of the day! Her ‘’easy going and not taking anything seriously’’ is calming your stressful like so down that it is almost therapeutic. Amazing girl!

5. Caroline Daur

And last but not least! My latest find Caroline! Her latest Instagram posts are raising da roof (god, I sound like… someone really lame) yet she is soooo cool. Her outfit-game is on point - looks like she carelessly puts together outfits and it looks effortless. Latest posts are definitely shown her style coming together. Love her!