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Hei-hei! Täna jäin parajalt ajahätta, siis jätan hoopistükis selle teksti inglise keelseks! Soz!

2016. what to be thankful for..

… to my new job. It has been really a learning point starting with something quite different than I am used to, but I am thankful for what I have and what I’ve learned. Everyday seems like a new adventure, bringing loads of joy and excitement. I truly feel that I am in the right place!

… to my new friends! And old! Literally every year when I have my birthday party at my summer cottage I realise how lucky I am. Everyone comes together and we just enjoy the night like there was no tomorrow (or literally every time we get together - its just a blast!). You guys rock my world <3 font="">

… obviously for this blog and YOU GUYS! I am happy that I have this creative corner here to experiment and share my thoughts and creativeness. Literally the best decision that I made 8 years ago. Cannot be more proud. Even though I had a small set back in 2015, when I was doing my final year in uni and didn't post pretty much anything here - you are still here! 
Seeing analytics that you are eager to see my new posts - checking this page - it makes my heart melt! LITERALLY could not have done this without you! Love you and promise that I’ll try to be better than I was and evolve and come up with new and exciting stuff.

… the realisation. That I am on a right track. I just need to be more aware and hungry to learn and in-charge like for example - I am in-charge of my day, so if I have time to complain about how I was not able to do this and that. Then yes, it’s in my hands to change that. Mostly the usual, like read all those  books that I've bought, finally watch the huuudge list of movies that I've always wanted to watch and start watching something other than US Office or Friends - cos I pretty much have seen them like 10000 times... Need to move on!
I truly feel that this year I need to kind a look back what 2016 was and make some changes, In my routines and how I treat myself… which brings me to my next point…

… the knowledge. Not the book-worm-type. The knowledge that I have from living on this planet for 24 years - in my body, it does not seem a lot, but I’ve figured out what works for me and what doesn’t. I understand now how my body works, and therefore need to be one of those ‘’diet-starts-in-2017’’ type of girls.. although  change the word diet into workout! I need to take care of myself, and as I said before - I am in-charge of myself, so I have only myself to blame for everything that I do to myself.

… the opportunities  Last year threw a lot of good opportunities towards me and I can’t be happier. Blog-wise I was blessed to be invited to so many different events and collabs that I wouldn't even have dreamt about few years back. Also starting with my own magazine, which at the moment is on hold so that me and the team could solve some creative difficulties, but still I am so proud to have a team who keeps me grounded and yet is helping me create whatever comes to mind.
Oehh, and even though some of them were quite challenging I feel that everything is a learning curve.

 … the bf. Well, I know that I don’t give him as much credit as he needs - ‘cos surprise, surprise, he is behind all of my photos. Can’t think of anyone who is willing to go for that extra mile and go through with every crazy idea that I have in my head, being one of my biggest supporters and pushing me to be better at everything that I do. Yes, sometimes You annoy the crap out of me - yet I wouldn't be here without you! Thanks for being the rock that I need bb!

… that the year is finally over. Literally the end of last year kind a shook me. Everything started to fall apart a bit due to being so restless and rushing to get things done + wanting everything to happen right away. Good things take time. No need to panic. 2017 is going to be more calculated yet I will try to relax more and see the bigger picture. Sometimes all it takes is a day off, to get things back and rolling!

So to recap the past year here are some of my fav posts!


- the month I decided I want more tattoos.. did them, proud of the!. Also as last year I was sceptical of this new year - new me bs (last years post is HERE!), so I went straight to making my dreams come true... Planned a trip to NY, fell in love with it!


- visited NY. Came back like a  changed woman. Decided to start again with few interesting projects like art directing a magazine.




- finally decided that I can change things for myself, nobody else can. Took a major decision and changed jobs. Thinking back I don't regret it, was a right move. Also bf graduated uni, so kind a was the beginning of grown up life for us.


- a fun but cold beginning of summer. We made loads of changes to this page here and started to realise what I want content wise and how I want my photos to look like. No more blank white walls (only when the weather sucks!) and so on...


- July was one of the busiest months for me, travelled for work then came back to celebrate loads and loads of birthdays, did some personal projects for restaurants and museums.


- my birth month! Super exciting times. Didn't have time to rest at all. Planned my birthday party which was Russian inspired - music, food - everything. Also a pretty important month blog-wise. Visited loads of events and met so many cool people.


- after a heavy start of 2016. This was finally a first month that I had 3 days for myself. Something that I didn't have for a while. I visited Latvia for few days just to relax and have time for myself, also finally settled in to my new job!




- in November it was again time for loads of fashion events. Most memorable due to colour-scheme was of course Kenzo x H&M, which by far had the best IT-pieces. At the end of the month I went to Milan to have a week long getaway which was really a nice break. When I came back, it was time to start preparing for Christmas and all that jazz!



- the Christmas month. Probably the hardest month of this year. I don't know why but the culmination  towards Christmas is always so exhausting and emotionally draining. Loads of plans that did not work out and had to be cancelled. This past year has been everything - I've been sad, scared, tired, super happy and most of all grateful. Every obstacle is good for something. I am super lucky to be surrounded my so many good friends and especially family so bring it on 2017. I think it is only uphill from here on out! Thank you for following me this year, I wish you all a Happy New Year!


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