Hey-hey. yet another mega-busy week is on and I feel that should update this space here aswell. Sometimes I even feel that I take on more than I can handle, yet the phrase ''doing nothing at all'' is not even in my vocabulary. That's what you get when your parents + grandparents are overachievers.
Anyways, I thought I'd share with you a look that I photographed about 2 weeks ago (hence the snow!), yet I haven't had time to show you. I haven't shared any outdoor looks with you guys so I assumed it's about time I do that... As I do have a ''9-5'' job, my day-to-day outdoor looks are pretty casual. Usually including a huge bag that contains my workout-gear + lunch/snacks, a super-long and warm coat and proper winter boots to hustle trough snow, because running from work to gym on heels isn't the best choice. So here you go. While writing that I remembered a post from last year, about how unglamorous bloggers are on their free time and how they look more glamorous on their blog than real life. Well, here's a proof that we are humans too. Soz guys.


what i wore coat:: asos bag:: givenchy latex pants:: lindex shoes:: H&M divided

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