(küsin andeks, mu Eesti lugejad, kiiruga tehtud postitus - ainult Ingliskeeles :( )

It’s been a strange few weeks. I say weeks, ‘cos you might have noticed that I’ve been M.I.A for quite a while. I’ve been feeling like I was in a rut and it ultimately came down to me needing a break from, well - thinking. I literally felt that I haven’t had a weekend that I enjoyed and didn’t have to work (work on different projects) for… lets say if you can’t remember when, then you need to change something. Even Christmas this year was soo exhausting that I was about to cancel it all together. 

Anyways, time away from here reconnecting with myself and my thoughts has given me the motivation and energy that I needed to get back into this blogging and well, everything. Also I don’t know is it because its kind the first month in every year or what, but it seems kind a the ‘’norm’’ for me, last year I blacked out in January as well for a while… I think sometimes you just need to think and reboot. But now I am better and feel that I can again share with you. Btw! Did you know? I literally pulled myself off the couch and away from chips and started hitting the gym - it is kind of an amazing achievement, considering I’ve been promising that for almost three years? I was pretty sure that I’d reach 10years with this tradition. Yay me! + As I had last Friday off from my job I started with quite few side projects that are looonnnggg overdue. So far so good. Pretty much can say that I am soooooo ahead of my ‘’new year - new me bs/resolutions’’. Yep, I am proud!

But. About this outfit, as I said I had loads of things overdue, well casein point - My Christmas outfit. Yes. Awkward. But thankfully I can say this isn’t a holiday season dress at all, it is all-year-round-dress, so you can wear it whenever. Seems a bit wayy too preppy at first but don’t be afraid to pair it with Converse or high-top black Vans, this dress can handle anything! Also it is now available at H&M sale! so hurryhurryyyy!


wearing dress from H&M bracelets ebay