(soz, see postitus on inglise keeles, aga ma usun, et äkki sellest pole lugu :)...!)

Everybody is doing that fun fact game.. so I thought I might surprise you as well with something that you might not know about me.

THE RING ON MY RIGHT HAND.. that looks like an engagement ring. But it is not. When I was living in London and I was doing my final year in Uni and I decided that I wanna learn and work somewhere fun, I worked as a bartender in a fancy area - West Hampstead - in a awesome bar called The Gallery - if you are in London, please go there. And say hello to my friends Natalie and Joanne. And ask for Fourpour IPA from tap. haha.. Okay, about the ring. As I had a bf at the time and English guys are notorious players and I was ‘’Swedish’’ looking blond, they kept bugging me and chatting me up I decided to kinda play them at their own game and bought myself a ring, which I happen to wear in the engagement finger - well, on the wrong hand obvy… But I made my point! And helped me for a while..

I HAVE.. A dog. She is named Frida and she’s a mix of Collie and Fox Terrier. Unfortunately she doesn’t live with me in the city but she is totally happy living with my grandparents and running around the woods and fields. Although every Sunday kind a breaks my heart leaving her, while she watches you with her puppy eyes ‘’why are you going again’’…

I USED TO BE… An athlete… Yass.. It seems like a past life, but I actually was Estonian Champion in track and field in sprint and went to Audentes Sports school, where we were trained twice a day and raised to be proffesional athelets… Well, yess, that bout has sailed :D. And I did 180 and work with clothes now.  

I HATE.. sweets. Literally don't like them... They are just way too sweet?! Yes, I know that I have bowls full of them at home M&M's, Jellybeans and so on... that's because i do't like them. I buy them, but never eat. Fries and chips on the other hand - hand me those and they are gone faster than Vin Diesel in ''Fast and Furious''..

I PROBABLY… Have too many handbags. I know. I have an obsession. I used to be shoe-girl, but as I carry tons of sh-t with me all the time - yes Mary-Fffing-Poppins over here, then I need a good handbag. And if that wasn’t bad enough… Time flies and my tastes kind a leaves a mark on my credit card as well… so I do have a problem. My Bf and mother are so over it, although mum has no right to say anything as she is the one who made me an addict (addict herself).. But I am willing to say that Yes, I have toooo many bags, and I probably need to stop buying new ones, as I am pretty much living in an storage space - with all of my stuff… Whoever dies and has the most stuff wins - right?

I AM.. an only child.

... AND I DON'T MIND! I guess because of it I grew up to be a proper Chatty-Kathy (and I didn't even go to the kindergarten say whaa) and I can pretty much talk to a park bench and I would still have a good time. Plus I've always had my relatives & friends who are rocking mah world since '92 so, I am a winner in my book :)!

MY FAVOURITE PLACE IN ESTONIA... is Viinistu. A little fishermen's village in Harjumaa. I pretty much go there every chance I get. Even thou I am a total city-person, weekend isn't a weekend if I don't spend it there.

I HAVE... a gap in between my front teeth. I used to be super annoyed about it and I think when I was younger kids even made fun of it... But after I joined a modelling agency wayyyy back, I was pretty much told that - THAT - in between my teeth is a trendy AF (or as they phrased it ''money-maker'').. even thou before I think I managed to even laugh so that nobody could see my teeth.. don't ask :D.

I WANTED TO BE… Well, that I’ve already mentioned to you before. But while I was working in London my ‘’love’’ for good craft beer grew day by day, so when I returned to Estonia for summer I was 120% sure that I want to work in a brewery and be a brewer or at least do something with label design just to be close to making dat magic happen.

I LISTEN TO.. RAP.. Yasss, might come as a surprise that I am not Britney loving Beyonce worshiper - thou they too make good stuff, but I’ll have Kanye or GoldLink or Mac Miller or… you name it anytime of the day… 

I AM... a Virgo. I am not that into signs (big thanks to my friend Annika - she tells my daily horoscope everyday), but everything I've heard it is me. Totes me. 

I HAVE… blogged about 9 years now. I KNOW! Almost time to cut the cake. I’ve had some fun blogger names and when I started blogging I truly didn’t know what was my genre and kinda was like a kitten who just din’t get it yet. But still, proud of all of those misspelled words (grammar still isn’t my thang thou) and awkward outfit photos.. Gosh, thankfully I’ve deleted all of those old domains so this is the only .com you’ll find me. But who know, hope you remember those old days, and hope you had a good laugh… I did :D.

I WISH.. hopefully in the near future to go and study French. It has been in my to-do list for so long, and as I have stuff written on me in French already, well… This is long overdue.

EVEN THO… my tattoos don’t have any meaning (as none of them go back to my great-grandparents and don't represent anything that serious) I tend to do them when my life has done 180 or is in a breaking point. This probably doesn’t sound good, but kind a puts things in a perspective as they are still not THAT random and very well thought through. Kind symbolises the moment...

MY LAST NAME… as I am totes from Estonia and unfortunately don’t speak Russian, my roots are from Belarus. I’ve never been there but eager to visit.

I HAVE... a resting bitch face.. I know.. The amount of people who have told me that ''you actually are really nice.. I thought you'd be a bitch...''. So don't be scared.. if you see me out, I pretty much laugh 99% of times, so you can be sure that my picture and the word ''bitch'' are not next to each other in the dictionary :). The problem is, that I have bad vision, so I am probably squinting my eyes just to see something or don't see anything at all...

...which leads me to my next fact.. I HAVE a bad vision. I do. And I still don't like to wear glasses nor lenses. I wake up really early and go to bed quite late so my eyes are pretty much dead when it's time to take the lenses out.. so I just simply don't wear anything. So most of my day is pretty much a blur.

I CAN’T.. seem to finish series.. I like to watch a lot of series, ‘’Netflix and chill'' as they say but for some reason I never like to watch the last season.. kind a bums me out I guess… or the last season mostly sucks? 

I HAVE A... weird habit quoting ''Friends'' and US ''Office'', pretty much 40% times when I am saying anything I am always quoting some of my favourites shows.. And if people don't get the reference, master-class with Youtube is coming right up... However, weirdly nobody has never complained?

MY FAVOURITE PERSON.. Is my mother. Yup, I said it. She's not a regular mum, she's a cool mum.