It is the most wonderful time of the year! Hkhhmmm nope, I am not talking about the spring (not yet), rather than the fact that mid season sale is ON (and ending soon) and all the major brands are having annoyingly good prices everywhere. Yes, when you are reading this - you are reading another victims blog. 
But they say, there are never enough blazers! ...okay I say that, but it is true. I still have my eye on THIS , THIS and THIS blazer and to be fair I'm on a hunt to find the perfect pink suit as well (this RIVER ISLAND one would be pefect...) - so you see, it is not just a need for ''tweed'' - it is a lifestyle. Anyways blazers are THE THANG at the moment and even though you want to push this into the office-isle, it is still the no.1 go-to item in your closet - match it with a band T-shirt, a dress, sweats - you name it. And there's no denying that one simply needs them in every colour (especially in checked pattern if you want to be extra on point!). Sound like a true enabler - yup, that I am. 
So to show off - one addict to another - my incredibly loyal vintage find - The Debenhams blazer which I paired with H&M dress and 3.1 Phillip Lim bag and the most comfortable pair of kitten heels. Simple as that!

what i wore : dress H&M (with a similar cut HERE) / blazer vintage (similar HERE) / sock boots H&M (similar HERE) / bag 3.1 Phillip Lim (similar HERE)

NYC, 212

This post probably wins as the ''longest post that I've had in my draft folder'', yet as they say ''good things take time'' or lets just say Liisa takes time... Because it is so true. I've been out of my element since and after NYFW and trying to push myself to come here and post, but for some reason I always find myself clicking the x on the left hand corner... It is not that I don't want to blog, more of that I keep finding excuses not to... Truthfully, I think that it's about starting and getting something on the ''paper'' and then the words just pile up... So no need to worry that this space is closing, honestly I am one of those people who gets FOMO on a regular bases, so I am pretty sure that I will be grey and old, when this domain closes :D.
But talking about these pictures... NYFW was fun, the whole city was dancing around shows and it was fun to see how those world-class celebs operate around them. How the city changes during FW and so on. When I lived in London, I saw the LFW fashion scene but NYFW is totally something different, much more classic and may I even say organized, less underground (opposite to LFW). And as per usual New York surprised us with a proper cold - which we were not prepared so here goes my first outfit... Everything I found - aka all the warm bits that I packed - together - as an outfit.

Thanks as always for reading, means the world x, L

wearing shearling coat H&M (similar here) / hat H&M (similar here) / pullover x bag Tommy Hilfiger / pants H&M / boots Katy Perry /