Well, you probably remember my last post where I already was to excited to take out my trench x raincoat. But things have changed and we are back to our old ways.
To be fair, I always find it hard to find some sort of an overcoat or jacket in my closet that would be perfect for this ''transitional weather-phase'' and in a way I probs should be thankful to have won some time to figure that out.
Although, I already tried to take some outfit photos during the weekend with fewer layers which I am probably going to regret, as those spring winds are rather sneaky.
But whatever comes... I cannot still get over the H&M Studio SS18 items and probably the AW either. The skirt actually was paired together with this white knit, which has a proper ''slit'' on the side making it absolute killer item for early spring. Unfortunately me being me and that knit being white, it did not make it here alive as I manage to ruin everything light/white there is. So I paired this outfit together with a last seasons Studio coat and a baker boy hat from the very first Studio collection there ever was AW13 and my loyal Katy Perry boots. Pretty much how I roll to work on a Monday morning... Casual✌🏻

wearing: head-to-skirt H&M / shoes Katy Perry



wearing: trenchcoat - vintage from my aunts vintage shop ( similar HERE ) / pvc raincoat HERE / dress ( similar HERE ) / sunglasses eBay ( similar HERE , HERE and HERE ) / bag comme des garćons HERE /
 sneakers Balenciaga HERE ( similar HERE )

Hello-hey! I think we can call this blog a seasonal blog as the last post that appeared here was written when we had snow on the ground... But spring is (almost!) here and even we (here, in Estonia) got the glimpse of the good old spring weather. And as one could not just stay in on the warmest day of spring, I took my favourite spring pieces (with a little upgrade) out for a walk.

As most of you have probably heard the use of the plastic bag has gotten out of hand, so to take matters into its own hands - fashion world kind a put a little funky twist on it this season. Making everything about PVC. Probably the most famous one is the bag that was made for those fashionistas who can't keep themselves from plastic while grocery shopping
''Inspired'' by that, I put together my todays outfit. A proper mix of necessity (aka the bipolar weather) meets fashionable. Although, don't be surprised when the next post features me wearing a woolen coat... So I've had that trench coat for ages and as the weather was not that warm, PVC trench-raincoat worked wonders. And although it has been sunny for a while, It was the first time that I got to take those sunnies out. These are a proper eBay find as they are super similar to my Le Specs but with a jaw-dropping price tag - for only 3€. I was sold from the minute I saw them. And the shoes... Well, those of you who have been following me on Instagram  probably have seen those sneaks.. But mannn, they cut the cake, I've probably mixed them with every possible outfit combo there is and will wear them to death, because they are the most universal pair of shoes that I own. Mix them with dresses, co-ords, skirt and so on - your outfit will be winner either way.