Howdy-hei! Although we can only hope there is no end in sight for this heath-wave, I am a planner. And what does a planner do - she thinks ahead. That's why, when Ivo Nikkolo approached me with their new collection ''IN CIRCLE'' I immediately started thinking about my fall wardrobe. Like this knit that I am wearing, even though I've mixed and matched it with my summer attire already (as one is so impatient that she couldn't wait for fall...) it is already perfect for those late night dips. And what's even more perfect is the color, if you've noticed the whole season is filled with those cozy earthy tones and aka as it was all over the runways for ss18 aka  Jaquemus ss18 collection aka - IN Circle is definitely for you! Comfortable and you can easily mix it with cute little summer dresses or even wear it underneath a pantsuit.


This post is in friendly collaboration with Ivo Nikkolo

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