As the official month of the ''new beginnings'' has started, I am still figuring out how can I translate my summer obsessions into autumn ones aka summer dresses. This white dress with this ''amish'' look-a-like collar (I am definitely making everything amish these days...) makes it perfect for autumn season as well, giving the dress this ''was out of the office - now back in'' look. Although me and white colour clothing are usually not the bestest of friends, I have definitely found a way for making it work with this dress. And thank Jezuz, 'cos this is probably the comfiest dress that I've worn in a while (I actually wore it to Tony Moly event few weeks ago and well, ladies, they liked it!). Unfortunately I cannot find it in H&M online store, but you can find some cute little alternatives below. To be fair it seems so that this black and white dress is with the same cut, so you can definitely create the same look!
And to make this transition even easier - I have H&M to thank, as their Mohair knitwear makes this autumn cozy, super warm and I won't probably need my faux fur coats until November... And to top it off - sneakers, 'cos I definitely wouldn't go anywhere without them!

Get my outfit/similar item HERE:

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