Though the year has already started and we are on our way into January I still feel that I cannot shake 2017 off my feet. And I feel like though there is no need to set unrealistic goals here, reflecting on what 2017 brought - the good and the bad kind a helps to start the new one with a ''blank canvas''. Or just to explain why I have been MIA for the past two months?

This past year has thought me to be self-aware and to be present more. If you have read my previous posts I took a big load on myself last year managing my own social media, this blog - producing 1-3 outfit photos every week for this platform, meanwhile managing another clothing brands social media - producing 3-5 outfit photos for their platform + running their blog and creating content for everything else, doing graphic design for a restaurant - loads of events, menus and so on + and add to that my actual day job. + the holidays caught up to me so quickly I think I even didn't have the time and energy to slow down for that either. Don't get me wrong, every part of this has been a great learning experience yet being twenty five and having 3 jobs and managing your own goals/biz, trying to maintain some sort of healthy lifestyle and trying to be a good gf.. We'll this is a recipe for becoming a burnout. Yup, even though I like to think that the more you do, the more you can - I had to just stop. So it was definitely a lightbulb moment for me - to learn that being a burnout is a real thing. But I lived through it and I think taking a break from everything isn't necessarily a bad thing! Seeing things from a distance kind a helps you see where do you want to grow and what's next.

Last years true realisation comes from ''the blond girl'' inside me - not everybody is as nice as they seem... I know it's a cliché but it really is what it is. I think the Instagram world has sold us some sort of a ''unicorn-leprechaun world'' that we believe that if the pictures are all smiles and fun, the reality is like that as well. Thankfully I've learned that before getting into deep. Huh, I know seems like I am about spill my heart out, but no - It is just to let you know, that grown up world is pretty much like high school in some ways. And being a bit conscious of who is around isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's always good to watch out for yourself!

Health is bloody important. After someone really dear to me was having trouble with heath (part of why I've been MIA - kept me on my toes the whole December) I've turned a new leaf on my usual chips and dip routine and breaking out of that cycle. Well trying - at least! I do know that I love working out - as it turned out to be true, what they say about exercise and endorphins - who would have thought right? But due to a tricky end and a start of the year, getting back to the routine has been... well hard... to say the least. Yet, I'm determined to have this summer as the summer where I don't feel self conscious, I want to feel great and I want to love myself and what I see looking back at me in the mirror. 

So after all that being said, I feel like everything is on a right track with the right mind set. AND yes upcoming year makes me feel a bit apprehensive, but I truly think it is okay to feel like that. I now what I am doing and it's okay not to feel inspired and creative all the time and to be out of your element - what happens while and after you come out of that rut is actually the most important.
My hiatus has been a hell of a long, yet that break was actually much needed vacay from everything. And thou guilt followed me almost everyday, I still believe in the saying ''if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything'' - so coming back with the right attitude and mindset actually proved that it was the smartest decision ever...  ohh and speaking about a vacay and smart decisions - I am  going to NY during NYFW - which is pretty exciting and definitely a first for me (in NY). So good times ahead.
Huh... Ending this long post on a right note - these pictures are actually of my NYE outfit. My absolutely favourite H&M coat and the dress is a random purchase from online store that I unfortunately don't remember - let's just say that as Christmas came quickly - so did NYE so we can call this an impulse purchase ha!

Thanks as always for reading, means the world x, L