Well, you probably remember my last post where I already was to excited to take out my trench x raincoat. But things have changed and we are back to our old ways.
To be fair, I always find it hard to find some sort of an overcoat or jacket in my closet that would be perfect for this ''transitional weather-phase'' and in a way I probs should be thankful to have won some time to figure that out.
Although, I already tried to take some outfit photos during the weekend with fewer layers which I am probably going to regret, as those spring winds are rather sneaky.
But whatever comes... I cannot still get over the H&M Studio SS18 items and probably the AW either. The skirt actually was paired together with this white knit, which has a proper ''slit'' on the side making it absolute killer item for early spring. Unfortunately me being me and that knit being white, it did not make it here alive as I manage to ruin everything light/white there is. So I paired this outfit together with a last seasons Studio coat and a baker boy hat from the very first Studio collection there ever was AW13 and my loyal Katy Perry boots. Pretty much how I roll to work on a Monday morning... Casual✌🏻

wearing: head-to-skirt H&M / shoes Katy Perry