(image from realisationpar.com)

1. FRUIT ''FLAVOURED'' CLOTHES aka Réalisation Par - The dress, that I got a lot of questions about the other day. Simple yet eye catching. Réalisation Par has been making huge headlines with their simple-cut-wear-all-summer-long dresses. The brand was founded by two Ausse friends Alexandra Spencer (who, a true Instagrammer should know, is a fabulous content creator with gorgeous style) and Teale Tablot in 2015. The brand is all about seasonless pieces and not collections which makes them wearable for every season. But be aware, the sizes sell out super fast, so if you missed out - here are some other options to fill your closet with fruity-dresses.

(image from quartzy.gz.com)

3. The BALENCIAGA SPEED TRAINER - I've read countless articles how a sock with a sole became the hottest sneaker in fashion and so on, but I can't deny that they are one of the best purchases I made in 2018 (yup, its only the beginning of the year and I already can say that). One of the most versatile pair of shoes you'll ever own. Literally pair them up with a fancy summer dress and it becomes urban-chic, pair of jeans and kimono or skirt and a simple white T, you are definitely a winner either way. Similar HEREHERE and HERE.

3. LILAC SWIMSUITS - Pastel tones are something that are suuuuuuuper IN this season AGAIN! But to be fair, I am a true believer in a black bikini, but with tanned body you can never go wrong with a lilac or actually any kind of pastel tone. Plus if you are a lazy shopper like I am, take a quick look into your nearest H&M, their bikini section is amazing. Aaand the selection that I created, everything comes under 20€, super quick and painless refresh for your bikini drawer for this season!

(image from songofstyle / poppy lissiman instagram)

4. SLIM SUNGLASSES - Have been an obsession for the fashion world for a while... I mean we all heard about it when it started (let's be honest) with Kim K telling how Kanye told her how she cannot wear big sunglasses anymore, its all about tiny little glasses. And the trend has been unstoppable ever since. And ofc the queen of the trend and this seasons MUST-BUY designer-sunnies definitely come from Aussie born designer Poppy Lissiman. Although, she is mostly known for her bag collections, her sunglass line is definitely a trend setter. If you are feelin' this trend to here are some options to ease your thirst



5. RAW BARS - Yass, I feel there's a lot of Song of Style in this post, but girllll has a good taste and these raw bars are gooooood. If you become the laziest cook during the summer like myself, these are the easiest snacks to make for yourself. Just follow the recipe and you are good to go. I mean, for a while. Because they really taste as good as they say!