Happy Tuesday everybody! Hope you all had a lovely weekend! 
I certainly did with my extended weekend (read: had Monday off aswell yay)
But cutting to the chase, do you know what I recently find quite hard (don't insert an obvious joke here, please)... To come up with something to write here. Recently I read PIIA's post - and I totally agree, that blogs sadly have lost their shine and algorithm infected Instagram is the new norm.. But still...
I know as I am typing this, I could write how freakin' cold it was on the day we took those photos, but talking about weather seems like an easy way out. Although I am actually having the best time in my life atm. So there's actually loads to talk about... New career path and exciting projects ahead, I still need to keep them under the cover for a bit longer. And about sharing, Instagram is doing a mighty fine job already so writing here seems like a bit of stretch after you've finished an 8 hour day at work... Thou, 2200 characters are definitely less than I usually want to use when writing a post... but no worries, nothing is going to stop this page from running, just sharing thoughts... Plus uploading 2682382338 pictures of one outfit seems like an overkill on Instagram, so this space just HAS to be the place where I unload haha.
Anyways, glad to get that out, so for the next post I plan to get over from the block.
But about my outfit! And yes, is an actual outfit. Even though, I still take a big breath when I go outside with it as many of my friends still think that I am lazy and woke up like this. BUT deny it as much as you want - it is an eye-catcher - aka awesome!
This season H&M has thankfully helped out a lot of two-piece lovers 'cos sets are da thangg atm on their website/stores. This TREND set is definitely the most comfiest set I think I've ever owned. And talk about the pattern, very on point this season.


pictures by Mihkel Allemann